The Old-Growth Forest Network is the only national network in the U.S. of protected, old-growth, native forests where people of all generations can experience biodiversity and the beauty of nature.


Our Work

Identify and Preserve

Our goal is to locate and designate at least one protected forest in every county in the United States that can sustain a native forest. We estimate that to be approximately 2,370 out of 3,140 total counties. To achieve this aim we work to identify forests for the Network, ensure their protection, and inform people of the forest locations. We are building not only a network of forests, but also an alliance of people who care about forests.

Our Forests

Find a Network Forest

Discover the forests that have been officially dedicated as Network Forests. From Florida to New York to Hawaii, we are constantly working to add more forests into the Network with your help. Click to explore the network or find a forest destination.

Trees are as close to immortality as the rest of us ever come.
— Karen Joy Fowler


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Our Impact

Building a Movement


Network Forests Across the U.S.

Our Network Forests are ancient old-growth or mature native forests. They are protected forever from logging and are open to the public. Find one near you, or choose a destination for your next trip!


States with Dedicated Forests

We are working hard to expand the Old-Growth Forest Network across the country. Do you know of a forest that should be considered for inclusion in the Network? Nominate one today.


Supporters in Our Network

We couldn’t build our Network without the help of our supporters, who provide energy, encouragement, donations, and on-the-ground logistical assistance for our work. Join us!

Download or Print out a one-page overview of the Old-Growth Forest Network: