The Old-Growth Forest Network is the U.S. national network of protected, native, publicly-accessible mature forests.


There are 3 designations awarded by the Old-Growth Forest Network:

  • Network forests

  • community forests

  • private forests



Network Forests

Our Highest Designation

Forests that meet our most stringent criteria are selected for dedication into our national network of old-growth forests.

what criteria make network forests exceptional?

The forests in the Old-Growth Forest Network are chosen because they are among the oldest known forests in their county. They have formal protection in place that ensures that their trees and ecosystems are protected from commercial logging. All Network forests are open to the public so that everyone can experience them for recreation and personal well-being.

Community Forests

Community forests are generally smaller than our Network forests, and closer to town. Some of the community forests are formally protected and some are not. We encourage all communities to preserve a nearby forest.


Private Forests

We recognize the importance of private landowners who have made the commitment to keep their forests unlogged. Generally, there is no public access granted on these forests.



Nominate a Forest

Have a forest to suggest?

Do you manage or know of a forest that should be considered for inclusion in the national network of old-growth forests?